Exploring the Maltese Coastline By Sea

Exploring the Maltese Coastline By Sea

Get ready to explore Malta’s hidden gems accessible by kayak. Not only does kayaking give you great freedom of movement but It also allows you to discover picturesque and unseen locations. Here are a few of our favourite spots. Enjoy!

Fomm Ir-Rih:

This pebbly beach lies near Bahrija and is the most isolated and wildest beach in Malta.  Very famous among divers and snorkelers here you can enjoy crystal clear blue waters and amazing views.

Fomm Ir-Rih by Alan Agius

Slugs Beach:

Located at Marfa Ridge overlooking Mellieha this tiny beach is one of the most secluded spots in Malta.

Slugs Beach - Malta Photo Blog
Slugs Beach by Leslie Vella

Wied Il-Ghasri:

In Malta’s sister island, Gozo, precisely in the village of Ghasri lies this valley very popular with divers, scouring the mysterious underwater caves.

Wied Il-Ghasri - Rent a Charter Boat Malta
Wied Il-Ghasri by

Mgiebah Bay:

A secluded and sandy beach in the area of Selmun this spot is super popular for bathing in its crystal clear waters.

Mgiebah Bay - My Guide MaltaMgiebah Bay by My Guide Malta

St Paul’s Islands and Rdum il-Biez

The St Paul’s Islands are a significant part of the Maltese history offering stunning views of our island.  While heading there you can head left and enjoy the secluded area of Rdum il-Biez.

St Paul's Islands - Mercury HolidaysSt Paul's Islands by Mercury Holidays


Rdum il-Biez by Leslie Vella
Rdum il-Biez by Leslie Vella

Fort Ricasoli:

In the limits of Kalkara, this location is a throwback to Maltese History.  While you’re paddling, you can enjoy breathtaking views of our capital city, Valletta.

Fort Ricasoli by FolkestoneJack's Tracks
Fort Ricasoli by FolkestoneJack's Tracks

Coral Lagoon Mellieha:

Situated near Armier Bay in Mellieha, the Coral Lagoon exhibits crystal clear water.  Numerous divers and snorkelers visit this spot to explore the underwater caves.

Coral Lagoon by Jasmine Azzopardi

Coral Lagoon by Jasmine Azzopardi


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