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Run With Us
Battling Malta’s bulge with in-store treadmills

We are taking a stand against Malta’s legendary laziness by encouraging our staff and customers to use an in-store treadmill during shopping hours.

Staff members will be completing a half-marathon (21.1km) each week, by taking it in turns to use the treadmill every Saturday throughout the month of April. 

Customers are also encouraged to help out and will be rewarded with a 15% discount if they walk or run a total of 1km. 

As part of the Run with Us campaign, an in-store treadmill will be set up in our main outlets: Eurosport B’Kara, Eurosport Paola, Adidas Baystreet and Adidas The Point.

Endurance athlete Nathan Farrugia will also be visiting the stores to offer his expert advice and exercise tips to Eurosport staff and customers. 

Mr Farrugia will be available on the following dates and venues: Birkirkara on April 5 between 10.30am and 12.30pm, Baystreet on April 12 between 11am and 1pm, and The Point on April 19 between 4.30pm and 6.30pm.

“The Maltese people are often ranked among the laziest and most obese people around the world and this compelled us to think of ways to encourage people to have more active lifestyles. Instead of preaching about the importance of exercise, everyone on the team has agreed to roll up their sleeves and lead by example,” said Eurosport managing director Christina Peresso.

“We really hope our customers also dare to break a sweat, even if just to try out their new pair of running shoes before leaving the shop,” she added. 

Experts say that lack of exercise is a major contributor to obesity and highly recommend walking for as little as 30-minutes on alternate days.

We are also sponsoring Mr Farrugia on his upcoming endurance adventure called the Eurosport Ultra Med Challenge, which will see him run, swim and cycle across 666km non-stop from Corsica to Sardinia over the span of around three days.

Mr Farrugia has also conducted several training sessions with the Eurosport staff to empower them to give good advice on basic sport techniques and choosing the right sportswear. 

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